Testimonials: What our beloved clients have to say about their experience with Ayurveda Orlando.

“I was suffering with severe fever, cold, body aches, muscle weakness and eventually was diagnosed with Pneumonia during February 2018. I have been to so many doctors and used different kinds of Anti-Biotics, Steroids, Allergy medicines (almost everything). All those medicines/treatments gave me temporary relief but nothing helped me prevent those fevers and get cured. The most frustrating part was none of those doctors have any patience/time to listen to my concerns. Every doctor I visited tell me a new thing and prescribe different medicine. I was almost bed ridden for most of the days (weeks) and not able to perform my regular activities (needed one person to serve me food). Due to my deteriorating health and other personal/professional issues I was very depressed. At that point, I have started researching about availing Ayurveda treatment and I found Kristen (met her in March 2019). First thing I was impressed with her is, she gave me 45 min of her time and listened carefully about every single thing related to my health. She have suggested some life style changes like some breathing exercise, food habit changes, recommended what food to consume/to avoid and also prescribed some medicine (Ayurvedic) accordingly. I was able to see the changes in my health within a month and was recovering. For example, I was not able to step out of my house without wearing a nose mask and cover my ears with cotton, if I avoid them i get body temperature immediately. She prescribed an oil to apply in my ears and nose and after using that oil I never wore mask again when going out. Almost in 2-3 months duration (June 2019) I was able to come back to my normal routine and was feeling healthy. Of course, I still have long way to go to completely recover but improvement in health gave boosted my confidence. Kristen is very Empathetic, Knowledgeable, Friendly. I will definitely recommend her. I feel I am lucky to meet her and always thankful to her."

~Sai Ayta

"I had terribly embarrassing and uncomfortable gas and bloating for months and months. With Kristen's advice and using Ayurveda and natural supplements, I have found so much relief! The gas and bloating have almost entirely disappeared in just a few weeks. I can now live more fully and comfortably in my body, and I feel so healthy and energized."

~Kristin R.

“There are so many things that simply pile on throughout the years – layers and layers of habits, losses, pain, grief, fears – and so much of that was internalized, unrecognizable and much of it hidden so as to be able to continue with the day to day. Until the day I met with Kristen, and she began to help me to gently peel back the layers and shine a light, shifting habits and routines, restoring my health through nourishing my body and mind.  Each time we meet, she truly meets me where I am at that day, never judging my set backs, always highlighting my success, offering a supportive foundation from which to continue to heal, grow and change.  And, as I move along this path of wellness, I am grateful to have Kristen’s wisdom and guidance each step along the way”.

- Frannie F.


“Working with Kristen has been a fabulous experience.  With her guidance, I've been able to get in touch with myself and understand how food and self-care impact my well-being; as well as how to handle (and work towards breaking) negative habits that are a direct result of stress in my life.  Not only am I learning to do better, but I'm taking what I've learned and share with my daughter to help her on a path of self-care and better choices.” 

-Steph F.



"Kristen is the real deal! She has an infectious passion about Ayurveda and life, and her gentle ways encourage adopting those principles in a way that creates lasting behavioral changes. Every interaction with her leaves me grounded, balanced, and with a renewed sense of self care and overall improved state of mind."

-Jessica C. 


“I have stayed physically fit my entire life both aerobically and muscularly. My major problem has been tight muscles. I have tried yoga several times in the past and classes caused injuries. Due to certain circumstances I needed to try yoga again and was referred to Kristen. She has changed my life. Not only does she strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility, she increases aerobic conditioning. But the best part is, Kristen affects both the body and the soul. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.”

-Maxine T.


"I became interested in Ayurveda after meeting Kristen. She is a beam of light and one the most passionate, kind hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. After losing my menstrual cycle for 3 years, Kristen helped me get my period back naturally. She also gave me food recommendations to help clear up my skin and simple night time routines to get better sleep. After consultations with Kristen I always leave feeling refreshed, enlightened, and inspired. Kristen makes everyone feel special and takes the time to carefully nurture each persons individual needs. There is no one better to go to for everything Ayurveda than Kristen!"

-Blake M.


"I had been in recovery from an eating disorder for four years when I first met Kristen in 2013. While I had been enjoying success in my recovery, I continued to view my body and food with contempt. I was still quite wedded to the idea that only Western medical modalities could provide me relief and was skeptical of Eastern practices, including Ayurveda. 

I freely and joyfully acknowledge today that my skepticism was ill-founded. Kristen, with her great wealth of knowledge about Ayurvedic medicine and her compassionate spirit, helped me to approach food and the art of eating with the sacred respect both deserve. Embracing Ayurveda has been difficult at times for me, but by slowly implementing different aspects of the practice into my daily life, I have enjoyed better physical, emotional, and mental health. 

I am eternally grateful to Kristen for sharing this healing practice with me and walking with me during this time in my recovery journey. I would not be where I am today without her."

-Jesse W.


"I am the mother of two autistic girls 17 and 15 years old I was looking for some natural approach to help my girls and navigating in the internet I found the web site Orlando Ayurveda we went to our first appointment and I was very happy to feel that I was in the right place Kristen listen to everything I have to said about my girls and my concerns.

We start a protocol for one of my girls who happen to have a very rough time the first week I see that the quality on of sleep on my girls improve a lot also their digestion, in our next appointment we decide to incorporate Yoga to our protocol my girls and I share a quality time with Kristen while we do Yoga with her we also relax and feed our spirit Kristen is very kind and a very sweet person who is willing to help any way she can.

My girls are always looking forward to do Yoga and to take any tea or delicious meal that is recommended with healing purpose I am so happy that I found Orlando Ayurveda and I will continue to come and grow together!"

-Liana P.